In this post it’s just a random mix of different topics, no real stream of thought. Just a few things that popped up in my newsfeed.     September 11, 2001 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ When people ask if you can remember where you were when a major world event happened, it can […]

Caught My Attention 035 (180916)

Summer is in full effect and you’d think things would be slow… or maybe I’m just slow, giving me more time to be discovering things that caught my attention. Quite the vast array of things this go round, from McDonalds Monopoly game scandal, to weed infused beer, to compostable packaging […]

Caught My Attention 030 (180805)

Starting off 2018 pretty much where we left 2017.. international flavors, millennials, food waste, technology, amazon..     We are doing more and more with flavors and spices, why aren’t more of them being grown here domestically? (link to NPR the salt: Americans Love Spices. So Why Don’t We Grow […]

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