About me

meI’m a foodie food lover, freelancer, tech geek, … (in no particular order). And I have a creative eye. This entire site is really the About. So have a look around the site to see what I’m about. A little more detail about what makes me me is here….

If you’ve taken a quick look around this site, you will notice that I might have an emotional connection food, have a creative side, and am technical/analytical too. Quite a combination, both left and right brained. I suppose that comes from my heritage, I am half Japanese (sometimes referred to as hapa – partly of Asian-Pacific heritage) and half Polish-Slovak. Many would relate being technical/analytical with being Asian, but I get my creative/artistic traits from that side and my technical/analytical traits from the other side of the family.

Growing up in my mother’s fantastic kitchen was a little different because she cooked Japanese dishes as well as Slovak dishes. I learned to cook at an early age and I helped in the kitchen with everything from tempura to perogies. I love great tasting, flavorful food and really love to eat. Also, growing up on the eastcoast has given me many different food memories than those around me now on the westcoast, so I often crave really good Italian food or simple things like Dunkin Donuts (purely on an emotional level, since there are many really good mom and pop donut shops around L.A. – almost any pink bakery box might hold tasty donuts). I’m not sure where my taste for spicy foods came from, no one in my family was a chilehead.

Other than the food stuff, I’m technical and mechanical. I like to fix or build things. I sometimes liken debugging code to just be solving a puzzle. I used to run and ride a lot, but not so much anymore – the bikes are collecting dust and my knees tell me not to run. And I sometimes escape to the desert to get away from the craziness and recharge.

hardwareFukushima family crest: "go-san no kiri" That’s me in a nutshell (or in a page).

Thanks for having a look around!