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Rolling deep into Fall 🍂🍃 and I am avoiding anything that is pumpkin spice. Seems like more of the usual topics catching my eye these days… robots taking over; trying to save the mall; and cannabis north of the border. All interesting topics nonetheless. Enjoy!
This headline is what got my attention here, but reading it, it’s the story about how she started out and grew the business that’s really interesting. As is the concept of this new method of making tea.
(link to CNBC make it: This 32-year-old turned a side hustle making herbal tea drops into a business worth millions)
Not only are robot hamburger flippers, pizza builders, and stir fryers coming into the food and hospitality industry… now there are robot bartenders in Vegas too. As well as room delivery butlers that are being tested there.
(link to NPR Business: The Robots Are Coming To Las Vegas) (audio)
Backing up a previous story about grocery+foodhall concepts helping keep malls in business, here is some more data behind these ideas (and apparently I’m a digital immigrant, a term I had not known before reading this).
(link to RetailWire: Will foodie culture save the mall?)
Cannabis is becoming nationwide in Canada and Walmart is saying that it is evaluating the market to see if they will carry CBD products.
(link to Reuters: Walmart Canada exploring possible sale of cannabis-based products)
Along the same lines, here in California where recreational cannabis is legal, more explanation of CBD products being prohibited. I think there is still a ways to go before they get all this ish figured out.
(link to Eater LA: Jerry Brown Signs Law That Prohibits the Sale of CBD Cocktails and Beverages)
I’ve heard of PaaS and SaaS (platform/software as a service), but here’s a new one.. LaaS.. Lunch.. I guess it was inevitable that people would start up a subscription/delivery service for lunch, catering to the tech community.
(link to Axios: 1 big thing: Silicon Valley’s latest fad is lunch-as-a-service)


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