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After a 6mos hiatus, I’m trying to bring back this blog. Mostly for myself, as I realized that I really used it as a bookmark list of some sort, a place to refer back to when I say “oh I remember something about that” when some topic comes up but I don’t recall the details. I am going to try and make use of some of the rich media features, meaning embedding tweets or videos right in the post. Let’s see if I can make this a habit again..
I saw this video and it was the title that first got my attention.
How Alibaba Got Consumers to Love Grocery Shopping

An observation by FoodCurrated that brands are directing people to buy on Amazon rather than in a local store..

Lower risk of death for coffee drinkers, even those like me who drink decaf. Woohoo!
(link to NPR the salt: Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Live Longer. Decaf May Do The Trick, Too)
“The last mile” is the most expensive part of shipping/home-delivery. That pertains to not only small package shipping that online retailers like amazon use, but it also is the hurdle that local grocery retailers need to overcome to compete, offering home delivery. Kroger is partnering to do driverless delivery. I’ve also heard reports of Dominos and Pizza Hut are working on their own driverless deliveries.
(link to CNBC: Kroger to bring driverless cars to grocery delivery)

WSJ video – robot burger machine, all fresh ingredients, $6/burger

This caught my eye, as I recognize the brand as one that’s offered at the specialty coffee shops that I frequent. For some food industry trade shows, Califia hires baristas I know to work in their booth. I knew they were a local LA company, but I didn’t know that they had grown large enough to be getting $50m in funding recently.
(link to Food Navigator: Califia Farms raises $50m+ to expand its plant-based empire)
The wave of CBD infused products are starting to gain momentum. With more states legalizing cannabis, both recreational and medicinal, and even the FDA approving the first CBD prescription meds. The non-psychoactive CBD, derived for hemp and cannabis, is making its way into more products. As social acceptance grows, the market will grow exponentially.
(link to Well and Good: Dirty Lemon Just Hopped On The CBD Train With Its Latest Tropical-Inspired Elixir)
Blockchain (not Bitcoin) in food.. this article helps explain how blockchain will help the food system.
(link to Cointelegraph: Blockchain’s Impact on Food and Farming, Explained)

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One thought on “Caught My Attention 027 (180705)

  • David Chilewich

    Hey John…nice to see you’re ‘cookin again’!

    I must say, Alibaba wouldn’t make me love it .. to me, the bright lights, digital technology, food wrapped in plastic, conveyer belts, do not lend themselves to ‘wholesome’ ‘natural’ foods, or an enjoyable ‘foraging’ process. But hey…I’m a dying breed…literally.

    I remember flippy! this one seems like a whole nother animal.