Caught My Attention 030 (180805)

Summer is in full effect and you’d think things would be slow… or maybe I’m just slow, giving me more time to be discovering things that caught my attention. Quite the vast array of things this go round, from McDonalds Monopoly game scandal, to weed infused beer, to compostable packaging film made from shells. And of course a robot restaurant too.
Food and flavor preferences of millennial women were surveyed by Better Homes and Gardens. New flavors and recipes in the kitchen are important to them.
(link to Gourmet Insider: Better Homes & Gardens’ Survey Reveals Millennial Food Preferences)
Can those 5-star reviews online be trusted? I’ve had some people who sell on amzn tell me that it is very important to have great reviews, otherwise your product won’t sell or even get exposure.
(link to NPR Business: Some Amazon Reviews Are Too Good To Be Believed. They’re Paid For)
Packaging of a product can help sell it. Whether it’s the design, or the functionality, or even the material. Here are a couple links on packaging.
(link to FoodBevMedia: Material made from crab shells may replace plastic packaging)
(link to Food Dive: Why product packages need to be selfie-ready)
Plantbase foods have been exploding in the recent year+. Here are some numbers.

(link to PlantBased Foods Assn tweet)
A long read, but it certainly kept my attention. Reads like a mystery novel.
(link to Daily Beast: How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions)
The Outdoor Retailer show is one that I’ve wanted to attend. I think it would be very interesting to see what food-related products are there and how are they being presented.
(link to New Hope: 17 natural food and beverage products to entice outdoorsy shoppers)
“Gone are the days where one person tells you everything you need to know.. The Oprah Effect is just not happening anymore..” – Susie Fogelson (former exec at the Food Network)
She is interviewed on the Taste Radio podcast (starting at about 34 minute mark).
(link to BevNet Taste Radio: Taste Radio Episode 121 / Frontera Foods: Rick Bayless / + Susie Fogelson, Watermelon Road)
Kroger is launching online grocery in 4 cities: Cincinnati, Houston, Louisville, and Nashville. There are 50000 products, 4500 are their own private label – a quick look and there are 44 hot sauces and 115 gluten-free salad dressings.
(link to ship.kroger)
Spyce robot restaurant in Boston (review)
(link to The Spoon: Spyce Restaurant Review: Delicious Bowl Food Made Me (Almost) Forget The Robots)
a pot of cereal, milk and a spoon
Grab-n-Go or On-the-Go seems to going wider and deeper in CPG these days.
(link to Food Bev Media: Nestlé Cereals unveils on-the-go line, targeted at busy consumers)
THC Beer, pulling the alcohol out and adding in THC. Without the alcohol it doesn’t really come under the processes of Alcohol Tobacco Bureau. Then there’s CBD Beer, that has CBD added to the brew, which would. What a tangled web that is being weaved.
(link to Mother Jones: Pot-Infused Beer Has Hit Shelves. Is It Legal?)
“Nostalgia is one helluva drug when it comes to food…” Pan dulce are becoming more mainstream, and still very nostalgic for many. I need to learn more about them.
(link to KCRW Good Food: ¡Pasar el café! Nostalgia sparks new twists on pan dulce classics in L.A.)

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