Caught My Attention 037 (181005)

No real theme in this edition of Caught My Attention. Just some random points of interest on several different topics.
Being a hot sauce guy, when I first saw this bottle on social media I thought, hmmm, I wonder how long that will last? It looks like it’s been wiped out from existence now.
(link to LA Taco: Copycat Hot Sauce: Bottle That Replaced Tapatio’s Mariachi On Label With Cat-Face Is Scrubbed From Internet After Complaints)
Rebranding donuts and diet programs… Will it work? Retraining the consumer is difficult sometimes.
(link to NPR Business: Why So Many Brands Are Rebranding) (audio)
“strategic distribution partner” what does that really mean??? The online retailer of natural/organic products, Thrive, has announced a strategic partnership with KeHE being their strategic distribution partner. I wonder what they will be doing for each other.
(link to Progressive Grocer: Online Grocer Thrive Market Inks 5-Year Partnership with New Distributor)
I’ve noticed recently some vegan items added to the Costco Food Court menu. And now Ikea is also adding vegan choices. This falls inline with what I see of plant-based products and recipes being more popular with mainstream consumers.
(link to Business Insider: IKEA is following in Costco’s footsteps and adding a vegan option to its food-court menu. Here’s the verdict.)
Lab grown “meat” has people asking a lot of questions, like what is meat really? One thing I didn’t think of was, how will that whole category of meat alternatives be considered by the Kosher certifiers?
(link to NY Times: Meat Labs Pursue a Once-Impossible Goal: Kosher Bacon)
There are more stories about how the changes within Whole Foods are taking the store farther away from what it once was. Not only for the shopper, but also the employees and the vendors.
(link to The Guardian: ‘They want us to be robots’: Whole Foods workers fear Amazon’s changes)
Is the Pueblo Chile set to take on the Hatch Chile? Colorado vs New Mexico.
(link to NPR the salt: The Chile Pepper Rivalry Heats Up Between New Mexico’s Hatch And Colorado’s Pueblo)
I never knew that the mesquite tree actually grew a bean. It sounds like roasting the pods brings out some really unique flavors.
(link to NPR the salt: Texas Baker Rekindles Interest In The Mysterious Mesquite Bean)

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