Caught My Attention 035 (180916)

In this post it’s just a random mix of different topics, no real stream of thought. Just a few things that popped up in my newsfeed.
September 11, 2001 🇺🇸
When people ask if you can remember where you were when a major world event happened, it can bring back many memories. On Sept 11, I had just gotten laid off and that morning I was in my living room packing the first box for my big move to the west-coast. Sitting on the floor, packing, with CNBC on the tv in the background…
(link to CNBC video)
Not your uncle’s instant coffee. I’ve seen that there were a couple small startups working on a specialty coffee (or 3rd wave) version of instant, freeze dried coffee. One of them from the Bay Area, Sudden, is now working with Intelli. Peet’s Coffee has a major stake in Intelligensia (along with Stumptown) and Peet’s is part of JAB which also owns Einstein’s, Krispy Kreme, Panera, and Keurig, just to name a few.
(link to Chicago Tribune: Specialty instant coffee startups aim to change the way you drink a cup of joe)
Felony theft – 3 to 5 slices of deli ham a day, adds up over 8 years…
(link to NY Post: Grocery worker facing felony theft charges for eating $9,200 worth of deli ham)
Will amazon automate jobs out of existence? The workers worry that it might.
(link to Quartz: Whole Foods workers want to unionize before they are displaced)
Restaurant automation doesn’t mean just robotics in the kitchen… touchscreen ordering kiosks are placing cashier jobs at risk. (audio)
(link to NPR business: Automation Comes To McDonald’s)
Trader Joe is again capitalizing on the ghost trend with another item touted to be hot with ghost pepper in it (the ghost pepper potato chips were not). It’d be interesting to try it tho. (I did check and my local TJ’s did not have this ghost syrup.)
(link to Bustle: Trader Joe’s Ghosted Maple Syrup Has Actual Ghost Pepper Extract In It)
The tariffs are hitting our family and neighbors to the north. The large grocers in Toronto are warning of price increases that are coming due to the new taxes/tariffs.
(link to blogTO: Sobeys says food prices are rising because of Trump)

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