I’ve been in technology since the days of the Apple IIe (showing my age, errr years of wisdom, here). Starting to program 6502 assembler language in high school, then Basic; Fortran and Pascal, then on to C in college.

Out of college I worked for a few start-ups, long before working for a start-up was considered cool. Eventually I landed at the Eastman Kodak Company where I wrote a lot of imaging software to the point that I got burnt out. So then I made a transition to doing technical support for special effects (imaging) software products for the movie and commercials industry. There I became the liaison and ‘voice of the customer’ working between the end users (creatives) and the engineering team. Eventually I became a project manager for lenticular (like holograms) products, with emphasis on handling customers from Hollywood as well as international fortune 100 companies. (link to Matrix Reloaded project)

Because I was in “corporate life” for a while, I got to experience both the good and the bad of it. Often in corporate meetings when they bring people from different departments or divisions together, they often use the ice-breaker “tell us something that not many people know about you” – it’s never been a favorite activity of mine, but for some reason I thought of it now for this page about my background… It was not widely known that in the early 90’s I was one of the engineers who got one of the first web servers running inside Kodak.

After leaving the corporate world, I got into the food industry, but not really getting away from “technology” – as we all know, in these modern times, technology touches every part of our lives. Taking my software and web server background, I started building websites for small food brands. Not just simple informational sites or blogs, but also custom coding ecommerce sites.

Besides that technology is all around us – from databases and spreadsheets that track inventory and sales to micro controllers that manage filling equipment on a production line. You can’t get away from technology.

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