Caught My Attention 031 (180812)

A mix of stuff this edition… from laser beams protecting blueberries to ghost peppers protecting prairie grasses. More on the Hamburgler crimes. And a week doesn’t go by without several articles on cannabis related products.
Everything you need to know about fresh chiles this summer.
(link to Good Eggs blog: Your Complete Guide to Which Peppers to Use, When)
Planting grass seeds coated with ghost pepper capsaicin to help restore the prairie.
(link to ZME Science: ‘Spicy’ seeds coated in ghost peppers ward off mice and help restore America’s grasslands)
Molson-Coors is working with a company in Canada, Hydropothecary, to produce cannabis-infused drinks. This audio interview has an explanation of what kind of products they are working on, including the differences of THC and CBD.
(link to PRI – The World: Move over gummy bears. Soon, you can drink weed in Canada)
Good-for-you snacks are on the rise and they are showing up more around the perimeter of the store.
(link to New Hope: Fresh snacking makes the perimeter even more central to grocery store success)
Using laser beams to protect blueberries – a different way of using technology in ag.
(link to NPR the salt: Growers Are Beaming Over The Success Of Lasers To Stave Off Thieving Birds)
A follow up to the last post, that long read of the McDonalds Monopoly caper… how it’s turned into a Hollywood competition for the rights to make it a movie. And how it was designed for exactly that.
(link to Vulture: Behind Hollywood’s A-List Bidding War for a McDonald’s Monopoly Article)
A bit of a lesson in marketing by Seth’s Blog, using alcohol v cannabis as an example but can apply to any. He talks about history and how marketing evolves with society. Also thinks cannabis products will fall more inline with specialty coffee or high-end chocolates today.

(link to Seth’s Blog: Alcohol vs. cannabis marketing)

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