Caught My Attention 029 (180729)

A variety of things in this edition of Caught My Attention. Some marketing stuff. Some grocery stuff. Even some backyard mechanic tech stuff. The heat of the summer is here… stay cool ⛄️

(Sriracha is) Doing it wrong

(link to Seth’s Blog: Doing it completely and totally wrong)
J.Gold wisdom as written out by his daughter…

Disruptive economy and tech – like Uber or AirBnB.. what about the food/vending/convenience area? How about snack boxes in the Uber ride? Additional opportunities for the driver.
(link to The Spoon: Cargo and Uber Form Exclusive Partnership to Sell Snacks on the Go)
more on Flippy.. getting called up to the majors.. Dodger Stadium.. to do fried chicken and tater tots!
(link to USAToday Talking Tech: Flippy the robot hamburger flipper has a new gig – at Dodger Stadium)
News this week on hemp derived CBD products (mainly edibles) that have been on the market for a while, now cannot be sold in California. This seems like taking a few steps backwards.
(link to Beard Bros Pharms: California Moves to Make CBD, Like THC, an Investor-Class Industry)
There are all sorts of bots, some of them crawl the internet or specific sites for data. Some of them look for pricing information on ecommerce sites. Data is valuable. Here is a good explanation of it.
(link to Wired: ‘Scraper’ Bots And The Secret Internet Arms Race)
Package and label designs are always interesting. Here are a few seen at the recent FFS.
(link to Nosh: Packaging Makeovers at the Summer Fancy Food Show)
Wegmans, one thing I miss from living in Rochester.
(link to Business Insider: 11 things all Wegmans employees know and most customers don’t)
“Back in the good ole days…” we could fix or repair anything. With all the new tech these days, what happens to the backyard mechanic? Here’s a story about a guy who works on rebuilding salvaged Teslas.
(video – Motherboard: The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars)


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