Caught My Attention 028 (180718)

Crickets, kids, and burgers.. not in that order, nor combined together.. just the variety in the topics that I found catching my attention the past few days.
I’ve seen the increasing presence (branding) of Amazon within the WFM stores, including signage for the special deals for Prime Members. This post talks about how those deals are getting charged back to the vendors. Mandatory 10% scanbacks.
(link to The New Food Economy: Email reveals who’s really paying for Amazon Prime’s new discount at Whole Foods: vendors)
I like the writing/perspective of this FFS report. And interesting seeing some of the photos, showing the artwork of product labels – they all are starting to look alike, with the latest trend of lots of sans serif text dominating the front of the label.
(link to Bon Appetit: Inside the Chaotic Fancy Food Show, Where Grocery Shops Go to Grocery Shop)
The largest Starbucks competitor in China is fairly new, but has over 500 locations in its first 9mos. The notable things about Luckin Coffee are that they focus on delivery and are app (cashless) based – very millennial.
(link to Quartz: A startup challenging Starbucks in China is now worth $1 billion)
Robotic restaurants.. another piece about it, this time talking a little more about the jobs side of things.
(video – The Verge: Robot restaurants won’t take your job and food will be better)

I’ve been following the work of Seth Godin (business/marketing guru) for quite some time. This is the first time he’s mentioned condiments or a list of recommendations.
(link to Seths Blog: First annual condiment showcase)
#howtoraiseahuman Expose kids to varying foods and flavors early.
(link to NPR the salt: Want Your Child To Eat (Almost) Everything? There Is A Way)
Chapulines tacos! A little history of eating insects, also a bit about the challenges there are currently in getting them into mainstream food here in North America.
(link to NPR the salt: Your Ancestors Probably Ate Insects. So What’s Bugging You?)
As I have mentioned before on this blog, I find indoor farming, especially in urban or distant (from traditional ag) locations, very interesting. There is a large scale vertical farm launching in Vegas. And they are backed by a led chip manufacturer who has built similar in China. Oasis Biotech – Sananbio.
(link to CNBC: Giant indoor vertical farm backed by Chinese firm launching just east of Las Vegas Strip)

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