Caught My Attention 006 (170404)

Missed a week so have a few extra links this time.

Something that interests me is growing plants and food, and I think for economics, sustainability, and convenience that some sort of hydro- or aqua- ponics method will be the future, especially in urban areas. There are currently a lot of empty industrial buildings sitting empty that could become the new “farms” or even in recycled shipping containers (that is my personal interest). Bringing the produce closer to the customer (less time and cost in transit) and the ability to grow in a controlled environment year round.
Here’s an example of it happening in the NY metro area:
(link on Business Insider: This giant warehouse farm says it can grow 100 times more greens per square foot than traditional farms)
A few weeks ago I went and checked out the Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim. I didn’t really write about it here because I didn’t walk away from the day with anything that screamed this is innovative or this is next big thing. Most of what I felt that day was that I saw just more of the latest trends. More jerky, more paleo, more bone broth.
Here’s an article about what some of the top industry leaders are thinking is the future. One thing that sticks out to me is the comment from Justins that talks about sustainable packaging, since they are well known for their single use peanut butter packets – and full disclosure here, I am currently working on a similar product for ChocoVivo bean to bar chocolates.
(link on Instore: Expo West: What’s hot according to trendsetters)
Amazon continues its push into the grocery market. Their technology background and outside-the-box approach to things could change the industry long term. They have a goal to be a top-5 grocer by 2025. If successful and with their logistics network, down the road they could become a wholesale food-distribution business serving supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools. Very interesting.
(link on Bloomberg: Inside Amazon’s Battle to Break Into the $800 Billion Grocery Market)
I believe that people are people – gender, race, ethnicity doesn’t matter. There are good people and bad. Strong, innovative, charismatic, smart, strategic, … or not. All sorts. Unfortunately not all think the same and I see it all the time. People who think certain ethnicities are better; that women shouldn’t do certain jobs or run businesses.  [I have to note, it’s just coincidence that I am writing this on Equal Pay Day see ]  Here is an article on some of the women leaders in the food industry.
(link on Forbes: Meet The Women Leading The Future Of Food)
Whatever retail store I am in, I always look around and see what is new or changing. In the past year or so, I have seen healthy, organic, natural food products on more and more store shelves. Not just grocery stores, but now even big boxes like Target, Walmart, and Costco. It’s no longer just Wholefoods where you can get these products. I believe not only are the retailers adapting, but the product brands need to as well to stay competitive.
(link on Business Insider: Whole Foods is losing at its own game)
I had heard about CaliBurger and only thought it was a knockoff of InnOut, but it’s looking like they are becoming a technology innovator. Robots cooking, will it be the future?
(link on Restaurant News: CaliBurger to roll out burger-flipping robot)
and they are based in Pasadena.
Amazon is closing down several online shopping outlets that it also owns, to name two. I guess shows that the main amazon commerce site is just so strong.
(link on Bloomberg: Amazon Closes Money-Losing Quidsi to Narrow Focus on Groceries)

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