Caught My Attention 033 (180830)

All different types of topics this time around as we steam headfirst into the unofficial end of the summer, Labor Day Weekend. I guess we can celebrate the American labor movement with CBD elixirs from luxe liquor stores, thick & juicy steaks from vending machines served with insect side dish recipes, and then an espresso delivered to us via drone to cap it all off.
I was talking with someone recently and they kept referring to Luxe Liquor Stores. I really wasn’t sure what that was. Here in L.A. there are Liquor Stores all over and I guess most could really be considered a corner store or even a convenience store because they sell much more than just spirits (unlike where I grew up on the east coast where a liquor store sold only that, wine and spirits, not even beer). Anyway, they were calling a corner liquor store that was cleaned up, kind of modern, and carrying some specialty food items a luxe liquor store. It seems that there are more and more of these stores coming around.
(link to New Hope: The new convenience store: Fresh, better-for-you foods, good coffee)
As was mentioned in an earlier blog post, California has been changing how they regulate or classify CBD products, reversing how things have been prior to the new recreational use regs. Reactions from the industry are starting to come about, especially from functional and energy drink brands.
(link to BevNet: CBD Bev Leaders Mount Response to California Regulations)
A new cashierless store opens in SF and it’s not by Amazon.
(link to Venture Beat: Zippin opens cashierless store in San Francisco)

Bug Bites by the folks at the Smithsonian. A web series on insects as food.
(link to NPR the salt: Don’t Bug Out! The Smithsonian Channel Is Going To Show You How To Cook Insects)
(link to Smithsonian Channel: Bug Bites)
Weggies announced that they are now working with an app that offers live interactive help to blind and visually impaired shoppers.
(link to Winsight Grocery Business: Wegmans Debuts Aira App to Guide Visually Impaired Shoppers)
Would you buy a steak out of a vending machine? It will be interesting to see where this goes, but it sounds like the testing so far has been good, enough for them to be developing new machines.
(link to Bloomberg: Your Next Steak Could Come From a Vending Machine)
Drones will predict and deliver when you are wanting your next cup of coffee.
(link to USA Today: IBM has invented coffee drones – and they predict when you need a cup)
A new shared kitchen concept has just opened in North Hollywood. I’ve driven right by their location several times but never knew it was there. This article says that they are targeting packaged goods food biz.
(link to The Spoon: Fulton Kitchens Opens Shared Kitchen Space in L.A. for Food Entrepreneurs)
The Halal Guys opened in LA not too long ago and I finally got to try what I had heard so much about. I didn’t really know much about them other than they came from NY. This gives a little of their back story, including how the yellow branding is a nod to the yellow cab (driver).
(link to The Spoon: How the Halal Guys Went From Smalltime Hot Dog Vendors to Fast-Casual Pioneers)
I could see cannabis as the next functional food ingredient. Though it will take a while to get there, just because of all the unknown obstacles ahead in this new category.
(link to Food Dive: Is marijuana food’s next functional ingredient?)

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