Caught My Attention 022 (171118)

I’m all over the place in this edition of Caught My Attention. Maybe a little reflective of the scattered nature of everything these days. Or maybe it’s just me???
Kroger to have its own clothing line? to compete with Amazon? I’m not sure what to think of this.
(link to CNBC: Kroger fights back at Amazon-owned Whole Foods and launches an apparel brand)
As robot tech gets better, they are becoming more efficient, and more tasks will require less human interaction. Some say jobs are being sent away, but really those jobs are still here, just done by machines now.
(link to Bloomberg: How Many Robots Does It Take to Fill a Grocery Order?)
Many look toward WFM to see what the future trends are. They recently announced their list of food tends for the year ahead. Floral flavors, functional and super foods, and root-to-stem are just a couple…
(link to WFM via BusinessWire: Whole Foods Market Reveals Top Food Trends for 2018)
Flavor explosion, flavor bomb, and mouthfeel are a couple that I’d add to this list.
(link to KNKX (audio): Annoying Food Words: Our Two Cents)
affect v effect – nothing to do with food nor tech, but just something that I think is good to have around and refer back to, because I am always trying to remember which to use when. And it’s easier to remember when it’s an Oatmeal comic.
(link to The Oatmeal: Ten words you need to stop misspelling)
All electric semi truck with a 500mi range. JB Hunt said that they are reserving multiple. The future is going to be interesting.
(link to NPR – The Two Way: Tesla Unveils Its Electric ‘Semi’ Truck, And Adds A Roadster)
Business incubator for cannabis – one of the entrepreneurs interviewed is looking to start a cannabis delivery service geared toward seniors.
(link to KQED News Fix (audio): For Oakland’s Black Weed Entrepreneurs, It’s Not a Level Playing Field)

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