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Trying to stay on top of this column. Still needing to get into a scheduled rhythm, please bear with me.
I wrote about crickets in my earlier post about trying them at the FFS in Jan. Around the world, insects are a sustainable source of protein; there is a farm in VanNuys and hearing about others around California.
(link on Food Dive: Cricket-based startup awarded $100k)
(link on Omaha World Herald: Lincoln startup developing cricket-based foods works to overcome the ick factor)
I watch what goes on in various retail venues and this concept of co-location or mini stores-in-a-store has been interesting, especially for small brands. In the right situation they can co-locate, share resources, and help each other out.
I’m sure it works in dense population areas (NYC) with lots of foot traffic. The article mentions that they plan to expand to LA, it’ll be fascinating to watch this – I think there have been similar things tried in LA, but I don’t know that any have truly succeeded. I’m sure it is all about location, location, location.
(link to TechCrunch: Bulletin offers a flexible approach to shared retail space)
And hot and spicy gets my attention usually. This is a new form of it. Seasoning sticks that are solid at room temp, but when inserted into raw meat and heated, dissolve and season the protein.
(link on Food Dive: Spicy on the inside: Sriracha Seasoning Stix hit the market)
(link to their press release)

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